Chelsey 4 Seater Velvet Grey

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8 reviews for Chelsey 4 Seater Velvet Grey

  1. Poopidy scoop

    exactly what we were looking for. a nice, smaller 3 seater. perfect size for what I needed. to people who were surprised by its size… the dimensions are listed. it’s best to assemble with 2 people but it can be done with 1 person. if you like big foofy pillowy couches this is not for you. the seats are nice and firm and the back and side are pretty comfortable. overall very much what was described and exactly what we were looking for

  2. TinaTina

    After comparing several different couches my daughter and I decided on the Divano Roma. Very easy to assemble comfortable very stylish. Most definitely a great value. 

  3. Lady J

    Pros:- Absolutely beautiful to look at- Very soft but durable fabric- Firm- Can be easily assembled by just 1 person- Promotes better posture, IMO, because the sofa sort of forces you to sit up straighter.- I’ve bought 4 of these so far, because they work to add elegance to smallish living rooms or living rooms with weird angles that require you to get creative when arranging your sofa.Cons:- Be prepared to use your own tools (pliers, glue, etc.) to correct factory defects when assembling. I’ve purchased 4 of these sofas so far – red, blue, purple, blue – 2 from Amazon and 2 from other sites; and each time I had to make adjustments just to put the sofa together. Two times, the metal slides didn’t match up as they should and I had to use a screwdriver and pliers to adjust them to fit to slide into each other. This last purchase, one of the leg holes was stripped and I will have to use glue to fix that. Right now, that leg is basically just sitting in the hole and jiggles like it’s falling out whenever I lift that end of the couch for any reason.- Beware that this couch is smaller than you’ll expect unless you’ve had one before.- Chesterfield couches also mean that the back and arms are, by definition, going to be the same height, so the back is going to be the same height as the arms, not highbacked like you might be used to.- I returned the purple sofa I got from another site and replaced it with a blue one on amazon.com. I had to return the purple one because it physically injured me! I was shifting positions on the couch and something metal from the bench seating poked my leg and left a small puncture wound!- Speak of the seating, the cushions are NOT removeable unless you remove the entire 3-seater bench!!! They are not individual cushions you might be used to.

  4. Jeff Bustos

    It’s firm, yet comfy. I recline on it during the weekend reading and the support for my back is great, it’s super velvety soft and I just love the way it looks in my living room. I’ve received many compliments when I show pictures of the room. Definitely a good purchase.

  5. zip

    I wanted a couch at the end of my bed that was firm, had a low back and was only 84 inches long. Love the color and feel. 

  6. Magazine

    I bought the sofas at least a year-and-a-half ago and I clean them with Clorox for colors detergent or Dawn dishwashing soap and they are still sturdy clean color is gorgeous and they are still as beautiful as the first day I bought them…. I give 5 Stars when I bought them but. They are still as beautiful as the first day I bought them they do deserve 6 Stars Bought them along while now and they are still as good in color texture and everything like the day I bought them despite the fact that I am using them in my living room and we have daily use for them without covers or anyting and they are being washed as needed as explained below I will definitely buy them again and again ..Lovely, well made, and beautiful

  7. Janet Stone

    was difficukt to assemble my husband had to modify the slide in brackets…but I got this as a retuned iten from the Amazon warehouse,,,so that may have been the reason for the return………..I got an excellent price on it so the extra effort was well woth it….I love it!!!!!

  8. Raji wattsRaji watts

    The couch Is very nice for the price . A bit short in height than im use to seeing couches . And The latches on the side were kind of difficult. I had to bend the metal parts to easily attach the arms to the back of the couch . 

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Bring classic, understated style into your living space with our Chelsey range. Comfortable and durable with lasting good looks, our Chelsey couches bring an added feel of casual opulence.


width: 88cm

length: 88cm

height: 78cm

Fabric: Grey